Re: Focus Highlighter

Quentin Christensen

Hi William,

Focus Highlight should just work without needing too much interaction (it is a purely visual indication on screen of where the focus currently is).

The following colors are used by this addon:

  • Green jagged line, to indicate the navigator object.
  • Red thin rectangle, to indicate the focused object/control.
  • Red thick rectangle, to indicate when navigator object and focused object are overlapping.
  • Blue thick rectangle with thin slashes, to indicate NVDA is in focus mode, i.e. key types are passed to the control.
Otherwise, what problems are you having with it?

Kind regards


On Tue, May 16, 2017 at 6:24 PM, willmac@... <willmac@...> wrote:

I am presently trying to use the Focus Highlighter Add-on in a sort of haphazard way.
Can anyone help me to use it in a more constructive way to get the most out of the add-on.


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