for users of the hims braille displays only!

P. Otter

hello all,

here you can download the driver for the hims braille sense/braille edge/smartbeetle.

if you want to try it, do as follows:

1 go to the menu of nvda

2 go to options

3 go to braille.

4 set the braille to no braille.

5 go to drive c:

6 go to program files or 64 bit program files/x86

there to nvda

open this

enter braille display drivers and go to hims.

there you find a file called HansoneConnect.dll

yo u have to rename it for example:

HansoneConnect.txt it does not matter

now copy the new downloaded file there.

now restart nvda and you're glad with your properly working braille display.

it is only for above mentioned displays!!!!

this is the download link:


paul otter

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