RE Using NVDA To Create a Digital Signature

David Russell

Hi Again,

I am the editor and publisher of a forthcoming anthology. Eight
authors need to grant permission by signing a publisher's agreement
once they receive it by email. This grants permission to publish their
story in an anthology. They will also date their signature and have a
30-day period to do so. Then, they will return the signed agreement to
me by email attachment.

My questions are these:
1. My research shows this can be done with MS Word or with online
aids like Docusign. However, as a blind user, accessibility is an
issue from what I read by a Blind Lawyer Advocacy Group in California.
The contributing authors are sighted; I am not.
2. I can send the authors the agreement as a doc file attached to
email. They will then scan, sign and return it to me. How would I as
the publisher and a blind person, scan and sign my portion of the
'Or, can I just fill in the information on MS Word and leave a disclaimer?

I hope this is clearer than my original question.

David Russell
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