Re: Does anyone read via the Web Interface?

Armando <justformailinglistsmessages@...>

I haven't use the web interface that much. I just use email.

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On Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 10:01 AM, Brian Vogel <'britechguy@...'> wrote:

Hello All,

          It seems that the vast majority of participants interact with these forums in good, old-fashioned e-mail.  I, however, use the web interface and am in the process of trying to teach myself how to efficiently navigate any given page, particularly the main Messages page.  Things are not behaving as I'd expect they should/might when I'm using NVDA.  Some of that is almost certainly ignorance regarding NVDA features, as I'm much newer to NVDA than I am to JAWS, but some of it is also the fact that I don't use a screen reader for my primary access and I think the actual pages are structured in a way that I wouldn't expect or don't understand.

          Here's one example, when I try brute force TABbing to try to navigate to the link column on the upper left of the page containing the "control block" of links for Home, Messages, Post, Calendar, Hangout, and Subscription, I do not land in these directly after the dropdown that announces my name and would give me the option of editing my Profile or Logging out.  I would have expected these to be the "logical nexts" in page traversal, but they're not (or I'm doing something wrong).

         When I begin reading messages I also have not yet figured out how to jump forward to the next message in the forum with ease, and given that bottom quoting can be quite extensive that's something that anyone reading a forum such as this one would need to be able to do.

         There are features of the web interface that simply are not available in the e-mail formats, but I can see how the web interface might not be something that would be easily adopted if it is as complicated for full-time screen reader users as it's proving to be for me.

          This conversation could be useful to others who might like to try using the web interface to interact with their subscribed groups.  Since I know that there are a number of folks using Gmail's web interface I have to believe that this one is less complicated, just because of how it appears, but I could be entirely wrong.


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