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Let me tell you, as a sighted person who tutors JAWS [mostly], that the Focus Highlight add-on is unbelievably helpful and one of the most appealing features available under NVDA for me.

It is very difficult for most folks, and particularly those of us with sight, to wrap our heads around the virtual cursor and the fact that, as a general rule [and for good reason from a practical standpoint], most screen reader software makes absolutely no effort to make the screen track with where the virtual cursor is located and match that up.  Even when you understand the virtual cursor and that what's in the window you're working on is buffered, if it's sufficiently complex it becomes well-nigh impossible for a sighted person to have any idea of "where you really are" once you've been working with things that are not visible on the screen.

Focus highlight makes it much easier for me as a tutor, and for any sighted assistant you might call upon, to know exactly what it is that currently has focus.  And for those who interact with it enough the various line colors and/or "squiggles" contained within those colored lines tell us exactly what screen reader state is currently active for that item with focus.

This add-on was, and remains, a functional stroke of brilliance for collaboration between screen reader users and the clueless or even clued in sighted folks who would like to help, but are hopelessly lost if they can't literally see what you're operating on.
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