Re: IRC clients that work well with NVDA

Sylvie Duchateau

Hello Deborah and all, 
I don't know which IRC link you are looking for (the one indicated at the bottom of each of the list messages, or the link from the NVDA community). 
As IRC client, I use Instantbird which works very well with NVDA. 
Look for Instantbird in your favourite search engine. 
When you have installed Instantbird, you need to create an account. 
First, choose IRC in the list (there are other messaging tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and many others). 
Then you have to give the server link, your user name, password if needed and give the channel name, for example #nvda. 
I hope this can help you!
Have a nice week-end!

Le 26 mai 2017 à 19:22, Deborah Armstrong <debee@...> a écrit :

At NVDACon, we briefly discussed IRC clients and I'd like some more information.  Irc appeals to me over voice-chatting because I'm often at work and don't want to make it obvious that I'm not always working on what the boss would like me working on. It's also why I don't Skype that often.

I'd like to hang out on Irc with some NVDA users, but in the past, I haven't found clients that worked that great. Most of them did not make it easy to skim messages, and many repeated info I'd already heard because the screen reader had trouble tracking what I'd read already.  

I did use Talking Irc for a while, which I really liked but it has malware or something that Norton antivirus whined about and I didn't want to risk continuing to use it.
Also I see that the Irc link at the bottom of NVDA digest post is different than the link on the NVDA community page. Are there two different places where users hang out?their

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