Re: speech hub voices

Isaac Porat


Presumably you installed SpeechHub from:

Also presumably you have after installation installed the NVDA SpeechHub add-on as explained in the NVDA section further down the page.

If you did you can use the NVDA standard Synthesizer and Voice dialog boxes to use the voices you like in the usual way.

As a user the above is all you need to know.

If you are technically interested in the actual MaryTTS voices these come as an integral part of SpeechHub.

SpeechHub currently support only English voices. These voices are available in the MaryTTS website but last time I have produced the SpeechHub installer not all voices were of good enough quality to be included in SpeechHub. Also these voices are MaryTTS version depended so all has to match including special modifications that make SpeechHub work with MaryTTS voices.
In short, practically, the voices included in the SpeechHub version are those that are currently possible to use.


On 22/05/2017 12:29, The Wolf wrote:
I got the speech hub server installed
the open marry tts is a speech hub speech synthisizer.

On 5/21/2017 10:25 PM, Gene New Zealand wrote:

Are you refereing to the speechhub package?

Gene nz

On 20/05/2017 6:08 PM, The Wolf wrote:
Hello can I please get the mary tts engine fore the hub speech server?

it is called open mary tts



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