Re: update on orbit20

Ben J. Bloomgren

You'll have to send us a final report on how it works with NVDA once it comes out.

On May 27, 2017, at 08:49, Josh Kennedy <> wrote:


An update on the orbit20 for you all. I was asked by a-p-h if I wanted to test the final orbit20 product before they start selling it. So I said yes and gave my mailing address. They said when I receive the final production unit to send back the old prototype but to keep the USB cable, memory sd card and charging brick because they will work with the production unit. The production unit is the one you all will see when you buy your orbit20 devices for $449 plus shipping. a-p-h also said that I may, or may not, be able to keep the production unit once the orbit20 officially goes on sale and that well I imagine once it goes on sale I would just pay a-p-h $449 for the unit they send me when the time comes to pay the money. So by thursday or friday of next week I should have a final production orbit20 unit in my hands and will be able to report back on the differences between the 7 to 12 month old prototype and the final production units. I am very excited to receive a final production unit. I was told the 7 to 12 month old prototype I currently have is a very expensive handMade unit with an older buggy pin-set. These production units are made in an automated factory process. The final production unit will be the final $449 united states dollars, product that you all and I will be purchasing.


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