Re: Accessible music notation software


thank you all for your kind suggestions.

On 5/28/17, Jorge Gonçalves <> wrote:
I forgot to say. With Braille music Editor 2, you can have print scores
if you export your braille music as Muxicxml File. This allows a sighted
person to open this file with a mainstream Notation software and print
it. I have done it without any problems.

Às 20:45 de 27/05/2017, brandon escreveu:
Greetings list,

I am planning on starting my journey on becomming a music major in the
fall of this year.
I was wondering if there are any accessible programs that can help me in
music notation.
Especially ones that can display music notation in the standard print
Also if there are any tips and tricks of the trade that can help those
would be appreciated.
Kind regards,

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