Re: level character and send actual symbol to synthesizer

Quentin Christensen

Hi Annemiek,

1. Good question, and I just noticed this one isn't well documented, so possibly an opportunity for us to improve our User Guide here.  The "level" combo box corresponds to the punctuation level at which NVDA will read that character.  The equals sign '=', for instance, is set to "some".  If punctuation level is set to some, most, or all, NVDA will read:

This = That

as "This equals that".  With symbol level set to none, it will be read as "This That".

If "Level" was instead set to character, then that particular text would always be read as "This That" except when moving by character - pressing the right arrow to move through the text for instance.

2. The "Send actual symbol to synthesizer" is a bit more clearly documented in the User Guide:

"The Send actual symbol to synthesizer field specifies when the symbol itself (in contrast to its replacement) should be sent to the synthesizer. This is useful if the symbol causes the synthesizer to pause or change the inflection of the voice. For example, a comma causes the synthesizer to pause. There are three options:
  • never: Never send the actual symbol to the synthesizer.
  • always: Always send the actual symbol to the synthesizer.
  • only below symbols' level: Send the actual symbol only if the configured speech symbol level is lower than the level set for this symbol. For example, you might use this so that a symbol will have its replacement spoken at higher levels without pausing, while still being indicated with a pause at lower levels."

Kind regards


On Sun, May 28, 2017 at 11:40 PM, Annemiek van Leendert <annemiekleendert@...> wrote:
Hi group,

I have two questions about NVDA:

1 What is the meaning of level "Character" in preferences/ punctuation/ symbol pronunciation

2 The same question for : "Send actual symbol to synthesizer? (never, always, only below symbols' level)"

I hope you can explain this to me.

Kind regards,


Annemiek van Leendert

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