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Yes I think its really important there are more than one option, as we all learn differently. I do have an uphil struggle with people who are using Guide for a while but outgrow it. Yes it was simple but it had nothing in common with windows which makes attempting to teach anyone how to use a real screenreader doubly hard in my view. I used to use
Dolphin Supernova, which works well, but to me it was a bit slow compared to nvda at times, plus of course you have to pay for updates and are stuck with the cost, albeit not such a rip of price as Jaws has been.
What I do now with nvda is give a largish donation each new version but I did a small interim one this time as the better way that select all and some other things got fixed and worked this time in snapshots.

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Wow! when my room mate and I thought we were forced off the JFW beta testing team. My room mate went and downloaded a demo of windoweyes. We lasted with it for only 2 hours! Then we ran back home to JFW! My room mate asked a friend who had a free version of windoweyes and he told us to uninstall it at the control panel. We could have got used to it. But we had no support using it. We tested Jaws 5.0 We were going to leave the team anyway! I was on the verge of getting a new computer of my own. that was when I got my first xp box! I felt I wanted it because I was not learning how to use the computer properly. I have a slight learning disability and I have to learn things hands on! I wished I had tried using windoweyes. Someone said it looks a lot like windows. NVDA was easy as well. With my own computer. I can learn at my own pace.

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I am one of those Window Eyes long time users that is now being forced to learn a new screen reader. I knew this was coming so downloaded and started learning how to use NVDA several weeks ago. I did take the offer for a free copy of Jaws and am also trying to learn it as well.
I compare ease of use between NVDA and Jaws and in many cases find NVDA easier to use.
One function I find better with NVDA is the ability and accuracy of selecting text in a Word document or Web page with the NVDA key F9 and Nvda key F10.
One area where I think Window eyes had advantages over NVDA and Jaws was the ability to label keys and change hot keys to your likeing.

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