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Георги Ламбов <obichamlegiona@...>


I think nothing awfully is happened. NvdA works perfectly and all's OK!


На 30.5.2017 г. в 02:24 ч., Quentin Christensen написа:

Sorry folks, Mick and Jamie were working later than me last night, I had to go out to a prior engagement.  But yes, NVDA 2017.2 is officially out.  As Dennis guessed, no changes from the rc1 version that came out last week.  I'll send out a fresh message to the list in a minute.



On Tue, May 30, 2017 at 5:03 AM, Георги Ламбов <obichamlegiona@...> wrote:

I also updated to the latest NvdA-version from the help menu, reading your letter. By the way it happened no strange thing, so, I'm quiet. Yes, by the way I also waited for an official announcement but so is good too.

best wishes
На 29.5.2017 г. в 18:39 ч., David Mehler написа:

I didn't see any announcement about 2017.2 being out, but my machine
just updated to 2017.2. Is this correct? Can I get some clarification?


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