Re: NVDA and speech of toggle keys.

Dennis L <dennisl1982@...>

It should be implamented. Let the user decide what keys speak and don't.

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Yes, related with this topic and to the topic of people changing from other screen readers to NVDA!

It is one of NVDA's most criticized failures!



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Data: 30 de maio de 2017 00:31
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I think this is an issue related to the conversation?



On Tue, May 30, 2017 at 5:53 AM, Rui Fontes <>
NV Access team and Joseph, this is another thing we have to think...

We have discussed this issue some time ago in devellopers list, and, I
think, we have arrived to an almost agreement that this type of keys should
be voiced by NVDA, but not arrows...


Rui Fontes

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Assunto: [nvda] NVDA and speech of toggle keys.

Hello everyone I have a question about speech on the toggle keys. I went in
to the NVDA menu and enabled speech on toggle keys because I
wanted to hear when I pressed the tab and escape and function keys but now I
also hear speech when I press the arrow keys, is there any way I
can stop speech on the arrow keys and still have NVDA announce the other
keys? any help will be appreciated.Jesus dyed for us, why can't we live for


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