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Jorge Gonçalves <joport3@...>

Write me privately and I give it to you!:

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Às 22:56 de 28/05/2017, John Sanfilippo escreveu:


I am very interested in the NVDA add-on for BME2. Where can it be gotten?

John S

On 5/28/17 15:31, Jorge Gonçalves wrote:

You also have Braille Music Editor 2

For this software there is a Add-on for Nvda which makes it perfectly
usable with our screen reader.



Às 00:26 de 28/05/2017, John Sanfilippo escreveu:

You might try these:

1, This is open source software which runs on many
platforms. It is text based, so you learn a text coding which is
interpreted by lilypond, and output as PDF and MIDI files. You print the
pdf and optionally listen to the midi file.

2, is an open source scoring program like Sibelius or
Finale. Scores are written on screen using keyboard and mouse. They are
aware of accessibility, but they say that the program is right now more
suitable for reading scores than writing them for visually impaired.

Now, if you have some funds there are two other scoring programs:

3, Sibelius which has Jaws and some NVDA support.
More info is here:

4, develops a program called Goodfeel. For this you
must run Jaws. I know of no NVDA support, though that may be
forthcoming. This is a suite of programs which includes SharpEye, a
music OCR program for scanning printed music, Lime, a print music
scoring program made accessible by Jaws scripts called LimeAloud, and
Goodfeel, a braille music transcribing software which converts Lime
scores into braille music.

Hope this helps some.

John S

On 5/27/17 15:45, brandon wrote:
Greetings list,

I am planning on starting my journey on becomming a music major in
the fall of this year.
I was wondering if there are any accessible programs that can help me
in music notation.
Especially ones that can display music notation in the standard print
Also if there are any tips and tricks of the trade that can help
those would be appreciated.
Kind regards,

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