Re: soft-voice and objPad comments


can you do a tutorial on

how to use objPad?

On 5/30/2017 7:20 AM, Josh Kennedy wrote:
Upon using objPad for a bit I can say that it is excellent at what it does! I wanted a jaws-like-cursor for NVDA? I got one and in fact its so awesome because it takes the old jaws cursor along with the jaws touch cursor and rolls them into one yet its even easier to use! I really really like objPad and will be telling everyone about it. And I may have found another free synthesizer addon for NVDA for all of us to use. For personal use only, not commercial use... It is called soft-voice and it sounds similar to eloquence but better than eSpeak. I have one or two more things to check out with the soft-voice tts makers but once I do and everything is go then I'll let all of you know the final verdict on soft-voice tts. I can tell you that it sounds a bit like eloquence but it only supports english and spanish languages. and that it has a bunch of interesting novelty voices along with the normal voices and its very small and fast and responsive. I will not post it here though until I'm certain its fine with the authors.

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