Re: Automatic DownLoading and Installation of NVDA updates and AddOns

Kenny Peyattt jr. <p.wildcat1234@...>

Hi james are you talking about a service model like windows 10 is doing where it autimatically downloads it and installs it without telling it too? That would slund like a good idea. But I don’t think that NVaccess would have the server for that.

Kenny Peyatt jr.


From: [] On Behalf Of James Robinson
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 9:21 AM
Subject: [nvda] Automatic DownLoading and Installation of NVDA updates and AddOns




I would like to see NVDA have an automatic downloading and installing of each latest update while NVDA is running and it would be good if all of the latest new AddOns would be gathered up or collected in one folder and also automatically downloaded and installed once every three months, which means us amatures would be able to get the latest updates and AddOns automatically and would not miss out on important updates and AddOns; I often don’t know which updates and/or AddOns to download and install, sometimes missing them altogether, so this practice would help me immensely in keeping up to date with the development of NVDA, as it strives to keep pace with Windows 10 development; maybe this is a bit unrealistic but it could work and benefit all of us NVDA users; in order to facilitate financial donations, NVDA users could subscribe to email notifications with financial request adds in the emails and a checkbox could be added somewhere in NVDA to turn this feature on or off and give people automatic donations in whichever amount they wish; I know I am acting lazy here but many new NVDA users could be helped by knowing he or she has the most current product available; and I think you guys for listening to me on this matter.




James Arthur Robinson, President
Jardata Corporation

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