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I doubt there is much advantage except that certain things like Curtana (spelling) results are shown in Edge and you can't change that.  There may be some minor technical advantages, I believe I read that Edge processes JAVA script faster but I don't consider such things at all important.  I suspect there may be some visual differences some sighted people might like.  I doubt there is any meaningful reason for blind people to use Edge, although, the more browsers, the better since one browser may work well on a certain site with a screen-reader where others may not.  I don't have Windows 10 so I'm expressing opinions based on my general impression of how browsers are all becoming increasingly alike. 
It would be interesting to get comments from those who use Edge or have tried it.

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I do have a tutorial on using microsoft edge, the creators update for
windows 10 fixed some of the problems like the speaking of characters
into the location bar etc.

I guess advantage it is the same on the phone as it is on when you use a
desktop computer and maybe save your bookmarks etc to be used on both.

apart from that i am not sure.

There is a tutorial if you are interested which can be found at

You can jump down by headings to the ones that says about how to use
microsoft edge with NVDA.

It is more like a overview and the basics of using it.

Gene nz

On 31/05/2017 3:00 AM, Don H wrote:
> I am finding that the latest version of NVDA works pretty well with
> the Edge browser.  Guess my question now is what advantages does the
> Edge browser have over any other browser?  Maybe a tutorial for Edge
> is out there somewhere that would answer such questions. I would like
> to get away from using the IE browser as it crashes more than Firefox
> or ?Google Chrome.
> I really appreciate all the people who work on the development of NVDA.
> Thanks

Check out my website for nvda tutorials and other blindness related
material at Regardless of where you
are in New Zealand if you are near one of the APNK sites you can use a
copy of the NVDA screen reader on one of their computers. To find out
which locations or location is near to you please visit |
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