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As I and others have said, you can find out what you ar running by bringing up the menu with nvda/n and going to help and about
Or you could use the check for updates on the help menu. If there is an update and its not been flagged automatically after a few days, then you may find automatic updates is turned of in one of the preferences settings.
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Subject: [nvda] How To Know If You Have The Latest NVDA Update

Hello, everyone.

I'm very new to NVDA, having just installed the program and joined this list
a week or so ago.

I understand there is a new NVDA update, but I'm not sure how to know what
version of NVDA I currently have, and how to get the latest update.

Or, does NVDA update itself automatically?

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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