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Ok dell was my last hope.
It was the only make I didn't try yet and I was hoping that they left the sound drivers alone.

The problem is that we won't know these types of problems unless if we try nvda on them before we buy because on laptop specks sound gets very little mention or even not at all.
We know about the processor, the hard drive, the ram, connectivity but not the sound.

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I've noticed this with  A friends Dell, it clips off the end of things as if some kind of time limit or noise gate is in use.. I could only solve it with an external usb device as the driver seemed to do this on many voices and indeed even on some effects inside programs. I cannot see why they do this as I'd have thought that sound was important. How do they play audio if it cuts out all the time?


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Hi all.
Sorry if this issue has been discussed before.
I don't know what is going on with laptop sound cards these days, but nvda
doesn't seam to work well with some of them.

I tried nvda on toshiba laptops, hp laptops and lenovo laptops and I didn't
like the way nvda responds and sounds like.
I have got the impression that this problem started under windows vista or
7 and above.
I didn't find similar situations under windows xp.
I was using espeak in all situations.
I don't want to imagine how it would sound like with vocalizer or some
other hi-q sapi5 voices which are heavier in resorces.
I found the following issues.
Sometimes nvda responds with some delay after we press a button on the
The sound card cuts sometimes the beginning and the end of a word or
The sound card doesn't seam to cope well when doing things quickly such as
typing, or when pressing arrow keys rubbitly.

Sometimes the issue can be fixed if we disable all the enhancements under
playback settings but this option is not available in some laptops.

I am not very familiar with the issues system yet.
I searched but I didn't find something on laptops, sound cards, espeak etc.
If there isn't a similar issue perhaps I can create a new one.

Yesterday I encountered a very unusual situation where nvda was working
well on a lenovo laptop, but it became very slow in responding after
updating to the latest creators update of windows 10.

Narator on this particular laptop was responding well with the windows 10
I don't know if it would be possible to have different bitrates to choose
for espeak in cases where nvda is not very responsive in some sound cards.

So what are your experiences with laptops these days and how did you fix
any sound issues?
I don't know the exact models right now because the laptops belong to
friends but if necessary I can find out.

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