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Do you mean the mail app in Windows 10?  Is the carret feature available that shows a carret on screen?  I saw a brief comment yesterday on a list that turning this on solved a problem that sounds like yours.  I suspect that what has happendd is that you are reading mail in plain text.  My further guess is that you were previously readingg mail as HTML.  In HTML, your screen-reader was probably using browse mode.  Ordinarily, there is no reason for a sighted person to have a cursor in an e-mail message being read.  If something can't be edited, there is no need for a cursor.  It's safer to read mail as plain text so see what provision, if any, you have for a carret feature.

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The last few updates have not permitted the cursor to navigate in the message view of Mail. What changed? I can click on a message, but the caret is stuck there.




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