Re: installing NVDA on a machine with Window-eyes already installed

Travis Siegel

You can install as many screen readers as you like, as long as you don't run them at the same time (something I actually do from time to time for various reasons) you shouldn't have any problems. Cobra, NVDA, jaws, and window eyes can all be installed on the same machine, and all will read just fine provided they are only run one at a time. Running multiple screen readers simultaneously does work, but sometimes causes conflicts either with keystrokes, or screen access, but it is a nice way to check that your screen reader of choice is seeing everything it should.

On 5/31/2017 6:40 AM, Sally Kiebdaj wrote:
Good morning list,

How much hassle am I asking for if I install NVDA on my laptop before uninstalling window-eyes? I'm hoping to do a soft transition but want to avoid software conflicts.

I would never actually run these simultaneously, obviously.

Suggestions welcome.

Thank you!


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