Re: Office 2003 with NVDA 2017.2

Dennis L <dennisl1982@...>

I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t work.  It should in my opinion give the option if you have 5 unread  messages in your inbox and your going through your folders and you get to inbox it should say 5 unread.  It doesn’t this is using 2010.


From: [] On Behalf Of Daniel Gartmann
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2017 1:10 PM
Subject: [nvda] Office 2003 with NVDA 2017.2





Anybody out there using NVDA with Office 2003?


I have a report from one of our users saying that Outlook 2003 freezes when opening a message. Sorry but at the moment no time available for gathering logs.


Our solution for now is to reinstall 2017.1 and switch off automatic updates.


Thanks in advance for your feedback.





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