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It isn't practical for NVDA to have different layouts, one for JAWS, one for Window-eyes. the actual NVEDA layout and then two more laptop layouts as well.  In addition, why do you say it would make much difference.  If you know JAWS, and you evidently do, look at how many commonly used commands are the same or similar.  Time is NVDA key f12.  Read title bar is NVDA key t.  Read to end is NVDA key down arrow.  The only difference is that you have to use the down arrow key on the main keyboard.  You can't use the down arrow key on the numpad.  Most of the commands people use are Windows or program commands, regardless of screen-reader being used. 
For Window-eyes users, there aren't that many different commands to learn. 
And regardless of previous screen-reader, object navigation and screen review commands are different in NVDA.  A lot of people, whether they would benefit from knowing screen review and/or object navigation, never learn either, regardless of which screen-reader they are using. 
If you tell us specifically what you would find easier, we can address those specific commands.  But the general contention that having all sorts of different layouts in NVDA is not practical nor would it be very helpful.  I consider the Window-eyes JAWS emulation layout to be a gimmick that actually works against people learning Window-eyes fully since the JAWS emulation doesn't incorporate all the Window-eyes commands.

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I am finding that NVDA works pretty well as a alternative to Window Eyes
and Jaws.  One thing that would make this move so much easier is NVDA
having a keyboard layout for Window Eyes and Jaws.  Window Eyes had a
Jaws keyboard layout to make Jaws user to also use WE.

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