Re: love the new sounds

Damien Garwood

I’ll say here what I said on the development list. I have my own NVDA sounds, and the first time an update destroyed them I wasn’t best please. Yeah, my own stupid fault for not backing up, but I honestly didn’t think the installer would completely overwrite everything.
Then me and my mind had a battle. Make the installer not overwrite them. Yeah, but then at times such as now the sounds would never get updated. All right then, have a sound scheme system similar to Windows. Really? For five or so sounds? Unlikely. Make an addon? Again, a lot of work for five or so sounds. Not to mention that the startup sound probably plays before the addons are even loaded. Pointless.
Since I can’t think of anything else and the developers would probably give the same arguments for not implementing it, chances are it probably won’t happen unless more sounds are added in the future for different things.

From: Dennis L
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2017 10:11 PM
Subject: [nvda] love the new sounds

I love the new sounds they should be an option.  Give an option to revert to the old sound scheme for those that want it..

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