Testing espeak NG changes to improve a language

Ronan Mcguirk <ronan.p.mcguirk@...>

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone on the NVDA list can help me with some
suggestions for trying to make changes to espeak NG, to improve a
language for NVDA.

I have a query about espeak NG phoneme compiling on Windows.
I am working on some improvements to the Irish Language implementation
in espeak NG. I have installed espeak NG on a Windows 8.1 PC. (the 32
bit binary install with the Visual C++ redistributable). With this I
am able to make changes to rules and dictionary files and
afterwards run command-line compiles with the command:
espeak-ng –compile=ga
In order to do this, I have placed the updated ga_dict and ga_rules
files in the same folder as the espeak-ng.exe executable.
This approach is working well and I am also able to test the
pronunciation changes from the Windows command line. In addition to
dictionary and rules changes, I would like to make some changes to
phoneme code. After updating the code in the phsource\phonemes file, I
have attempted to run a command line phoneme compile with the command:
espeak-ng –compile-phonemes
I did this with a copy of my updated phsource folder placed in the
same folder as the espeak-ng.exe executable.
This gives me a series of errors like the following short extract:
Compiling phoneme data: C:\Program Files (x86)\eSpeak
phonemes(121): Bad keyword in phoneme definition 'stp'
phonemes(129): Phoneme type is missing
phonemes(142): Bad keyword in phoneme definition 'vwl'
phonemes(149): Phoneme type is missing
phonemes(150): Bad keyword in phoneme definition 'vwl'
phonemes(153): Bad keyword in phoneme definition 'nsy'
phonemes(162): Phoneme type is missing
Can you tell me if it should be possible to run a phoneme compile from
the command line on Windows as above? If so, am I missing file path
information or is there some other problem? Alternatively, is a full
espeak-ng Windows build
necessary? (Note that I have not needed a full Windows build for the
rules and dictionary compiles). I am only interested in updating the
phsource/phonemes file for Irish, and not any C or C++ code in espeak NG.
I have made a first attempt at a full build of espeak NG on Windows
8.1 but am getting problems with missing dll files when I try to run
the resulting espeak-ng.exe

Any suggestions on how to get espeak-ng up and running on Windows 8.1
, much appreciated!
Many thanks,


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