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Devin Prater

Nope, system access still lives on somehow, lol.


Devin Prater
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I thought system access died?


On 5/31/2017 3:28 PM, Gene wrote:

There already is a choice for verbal notification.  It should be verbal notification by default.


System Access doesn't have a forms and browse mode because it is designed somehow to allow the page to be changed such as in edit fields and to allow browsing at the same time.  However, this imposes limitations on what you can do.  I haven't used System Access to Go hardly at all for a long time but I recall coming across occasions where I wanted to do something I couldn't do because I couldn't switch between browse and forms mode.



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Subject: Re: [nvda] New nvda sounds


A verbal prompt that brouse mode was on would be good.  So long as
there is some sort of indication that brouse mode is on, I don't see a
problem with getting rid of sounds.
System Access doesn't have a brouse mode at all. You simply go to the
website go to the edit field you want and type. It used to allow you to
type in any edit field. It doesn't work with Google anymore.
Regardless, it's an idea for the NVDA developers.



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