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This is the whole point of having development branches of software. To test new features and user response to them. At present its in the next branch, if it is unchallenged then in a little while it will get into the master branch, then the RC and then the release version.
I think it would be a good time to point out that they welcome feedback in the development list and if any errors occur you can raise these as issues in github as well. The more widely these snaps are tested, the better will be the state of nvda, so I can only encourage people to try the new branches and see how you get on. However be aware as has been said that both the Master and Next branches can have bugs, and so do not install them as your working copy if you rely on it on a daily basis. Use it portably, although some functionality is lost on windows 8 and 10, its still very useful and works very well on7.

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I believe the new sounds are in the development snapshots rather than the actual official releases.
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Got the latest NVDA installed and I don't see any differences in any
sounds created by NVDA. What am I missing here?

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