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You can turn off the sounds for edit and browse mode together and replace them with words.
Things like text error depends on where you have certain selections on in the software you run, but as far as I know the only choices for start and end are on or off and the error sound on snaps is on always, and the other sound seems to occur at silly places and I never knew what it was for!

At the moment you can only get them in the next snaps. Nothing to stop you copying them from the waves folder in the portable version to your current installed version waves folder of course, but I think they get overwritten on an update.

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Hi I have the latest version of NVDA how do you install the new sounds to it
and what are all the sounds for?
Also if you have A sound assigned that you don't want can you just turn that
one off and keep the rest running?

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It should be a announcement you can turn on or off.

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A verbal prompt that brouse mode was on would be good. So long as there is
some sort of indication that brouse mode is on, I don't see a problem with
getting rid of sounds.
System Access doesn't have a brouse mode at all. You simply go to the
website go to the edit field you want and type. It used to allow you to type
in any edit field. It doesn't work with Google anymore.
Regardless, it's an idea for the NVDA developers.

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