moving to NVDA

Josh Kennedy

I just had a good idea for NVDA. for those who are new to NVDA it would have a startup wizard with a interactive tutorial and default voice changer that would 1. when you first install it or start the installer wizard it will for those newcomers ask if you want to use the current voice? There would be a yes or no button. If you say no NVDA would bring up a list box with all voices available on the machine, including ability to download microsoft speech platform and one of those voices. It would also let you choose a keyboard layout in the getting started wizard. So you would choose a voice, hit ok, NVDA would use that one as the default during install and when you first run the installed copy. and 2. After installation it would have an interactive tutorial like talkback does on android. It would say stuff like lets practice object navigation and screen review. Then it would bring up a sample desktop with 2 or 3 icons, a list box, a checkbox, and a toolbar with some buttons in it and a sample edit box. The interactive tutorial would guide you through moving in and out of objects, using screen review to find certain items on screen, activating objects with insert or capslock enter, and routing the mouse and clicking. Also during the startup wizard it would let you set the rate and pitch and volume and if needed the variant of the current default voice. You could cancel the interactive tutorial by hitting escape at any time and when you complete the tutorial and startup wizard you'd hit finnish button and you're ready to go with the basics of using NVDA. Also during the interactive tutorial it would bring up a read only edit box with web movement commands you could read. I think such a tutorial and startup wizard would really help newcomers. oh and also in the select your default voice dialog it would give you the option of directly downloading and installing several free voices for you and then switching to the newly downloaded free voice.

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