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You don't have to do this as there are options to turn off most of them.

In general preferences, there's an option to disable the startup and shut down sounds.

You can turn off the sound that's played to alert you of a spelling error in document formatting, but keep in mind that this will turn off spelling error detection completely.

Finally you can replace the browse and focus mode sounds with speech prompts by going into browse mode options.


On 01/06/2017 11:43, Gene wrote:

I cause all sounds not to be played, if necessary by inserting very short blank wave files in the sounds folder.  I see no reason for any sounds and I think there should be some sort of all off setting for those who don't want any.  Aside from that, my question is, why do the new sounds have to be odd and novel, seemingly just different for differences' sake.  Why does one of the settings in the browse mode/focus mode notification have to sound like a frog clearing its throat and the other be an odd chord?  Why do the start and unload sounds have to be odd chords whose main purpose aside from the intended one seems to be to call attention to their oddness.  I'm not saying I like the newer or the older sounds more.  As I said, I don't like sounds in general.  but what I'm saying is, maybe the whole idea of why sounds sound as they do should be reconsidered.  Maybe a pleasant chord sounding like a synthesizer imitating a string instrument playing a major chord should signify browse mode while a very different sound, maybe a stream flowing or the musical instrument that sounds like water flowing could be used for focus mode, or if something more assertive is wanted, the sound of a trumpet playing a note. 
I'm not advocating for these specific sounds.  I'm saying that just odd sounding novelty for the sake of odd sounding novelty is not a proper basis on which to define sounds, in my opinion. 
Why isn't there a feature for the user to define sounds.  It might take sounds from the Windows sounds folder and the user could choose, along with whatever sounds have been selected for the program to use that are original NVDA sounds. 
And I'll point out that Microsoft has a none option for events in Windows and a no sounds provile already available as well.
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After downloading the next snapshot with the new sounds in it, I am currently trying them out, having copied those sounds into the Waves folder of my installed copy of NVDA, as the sounds are the only new thing I want to test right now.

I must say,I agree with Dennis’s opinion below, on both counts.

Much as I personally prefer the new sounds, which are not as loud as the old ones, I agree that there should be the choice of which set of sounds we use with NVDA, even if that means adding an extra dialogue to choose them, or an extra section in the NVDA preferences. I don’t know whether this can be done, that’s for the developers to decide of course.

That’s my two cents worth on this subject, but I know we don’t all share the same opinion, that’s all the more reason to allow us to choose which set of sounds we want if possible while using NVDA.

Bye for now!

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I love the new sounds they should be an option.  Give an option to revert to the old sound scheme for those that want it..

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