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Andre Fisher

There are add and remove buttons.

On 6/1/17, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
One of the disadvantages in the Window-eyes interface is the number of
program commands that are interfered with by Window-eyes and for which the
bypass command needs to be used. In this case, changing the find command
would mean that you can't conveniently forward a message if you read mail as
html. You can use the bypass command but that is not as convenient. But
far more serious is that you will remove the ability to do a backward
search. I believe the old commands will still work but where is the logic?
In NVDA, forward search is control NVDA key f. Backwards search is control
shift NVDA key f. Find next is NVDA key f3. Backward find previous is
control shift NVDA key f3. So the new command is completely outside of the
logic of the cluster of commands.

You may be surprised how quickly you may get used to the new commands. It
may be far more quickly than you think now. Trying to make one
screen-reader into a copy of another may create inconveniences and annoying
problems you won't know about until you start using the new commands. that
may cause you inconveniences you don't realize until you start changing
commands. And it may impair the logic of the interface. Why not use the
screen-reader as it is for a week or two? Then you'll have a much better
idea if you want to change commands.

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So is there a way in NVDA to reassign a hot key combination for a standard
NVDA hot key? for example changing the NVDA find command of insert control
f to control shift f.

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