Re: Enhancing NVDA's performance on microsoft word?

enes sarıbaş

This problem has existed at least since last year. Unfortunatly no concrete action was taken to fix or determine the cause of it.

On 4/3/2016 9:27 AM, Afrim wrote:
Hello everyone,
i am a frequent user of NVDA because my first screenreader is Jaws. I am willing to switch to NVDA, but there are some barriers which prevent me to come to NVDA family. My main problem starts with microsoft word. NvDA is very slow when reading text, and when reading books which go up to 200 pages, it is unacceptable to use it. Long documents or books are very common at university, so I can't avoid them by any means. I also tried using libra office, but things grew even worse. I opened a 300 page book with that program and both NVDA and libra office crashed desperately. I installed microsoft office 2013 and the performance improved a bit, but still it is too slow compared to jaws. by the way, I'm not making comperisons here, I just want to have NVDA working better with word.
so, if there's anyone who could help me with this problem, I would be very grateful and it would be highly appreciated.

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