Re: rolling back to NVDA 2017.1


So that's why Firefox has been slower this past week for me while
navigating. I thought it might be Firefox updates, but am now wondering if
it is NVDA. I unfortunately don't have the 2017.1 installer, so can't check
this out.

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The slowness has been ongoing since the 2017 version. It comes and go.
When I start my Outlook 2013, there is a definite silence for close to a
minute then its starts reading. The moment I begin scrolling rapidly with
the down arrow, the voice gets stuck and I have to play with it to get it
going. The same happens with Firefox, worse I-e11, Edge. It is less
obvious with Google Chrome. I have reported this various times. I am glad
this will be thoroughly investigated as it is very frustrating and even
risky when you are in the middle of a brokerage transaction or a bank
Many thanks

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I plan to investigate reports of general slowness in hopes of finding out
what's up.

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Subject: [nvda] rolling back to NVDA 2017.1

I have two questions. Could I have the link for nvda 2017.1? the web is a
lot slower with 2017.2 and even the next snapshots its slower. Or should I
just stay on the next snapshots and maybe my issue will clear up in a few
days? and my other questin is if I roll back to 2017.1 should I completely
uninstall the next snapshot and delete all related folders? or should i
install 2017.1 overtop the snapshot?

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