Re: addressing emails in Thunderbird in NVDA

Adrián Mena

Hello, you are right, the enter after each email should work, please
check that you are in the right line, it should be the one near the
subject line. In addition, Thunderberd has some other options as for,
cc, and bc, something like that, with those you can send emails to
different people without leting others know, you can get to those
lines using shift+tap, and them using the erros.
Hope it helps.

2016-04-03 13:40 GMT-06:00, Dan Beaver <>:


I read the help page about this and it said to press enter after each
address I entered in the to: field. However, when I try to send the
email it comes back with an error and has all the email addresses as one
long string instead of using it as individual addresses.

How do I address an email to multiple people using NVDA? I realize this
may not be an NVDA issue but I am hoping there is some trick to doing
this in NVDA.


Dan Beaver

W= F x D "Carpe diem"

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