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I have both skype universal, and skype for desktop, on 3 of my computers. For all of those, if I launch the skype universal app, it continues using that one, it starts by default and I get notifications from that one in my action center etc. If I launch the skype for desktop program instead, it closes down the skype universal app and that universal app stopps notifying me, calls come in via skype for desktop. So, try running the skype icon on your desktop. If you don't have it, try downloading skype for desktop from the website. Once you install it, it'll disable the skype universal app until you manually run skype universal. you may occasionally be asked if you'd like to try upgrading to the new universal app while running the desktop app, but if you ignore these and hit no it won't force you, at least it hasn't yet.

Lastly, the skype universal app is completely accessible, it's just screen readers aren't doing a terribly good job dealing with it. JAWS for one is very sluggish and reads the conversations and contact and message lists poorly, NVDA handles that better, and NVDA even does or did support reading of chats using insert+shift+1 through 0, that might be a feature of win10 app essentials though.

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I don’t know if its still the same but a while ago I just simply uninstalled the skype app and stuck with the desktop version ever since and the app has never returned since


But as far as I can remember both both should run together  with no issue or it did do


Sorry if that is not much help


Good luck



From: Jenni Kent
Sent: 03 June 2017 21:46
Subject: [nvda] latest Skype update


So I was encouraged by my computer to try the new Skype well now i can't

go back to the classic Skype it seems and it would also seem that the

new version is a mess for accessibility in my humble opinion has anyone

used this new version of Skype successfully and what are your thoughts

and tips? Also i still use jaws on occasion to help a friend who refuses

to give up on it no idea why but i was that way once too so i cant say

anything.  but i will try checking in with others as well maybe the add

on list who knows who might have a clue or if anything how can i roll

back to classic oh and good news the feedback hub works with nvda unlike

jaws. just saying can anyone help me with my problem?


Thanks, awaiting the ding for email on my phone,








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