Re: addressing emails in Thunderbird in NVDA

Ron Canazzi

Hi Dan,

What I do is to put the addresses in my address book and then open the address book and use the classic mark move and select keystrokes (control + shift to move and space bar) to select addresses. Another way is once you have the addresses in your address book, make sure the address bar is shown in your view and layout settings in Thunderbird settings and then open a new message and back tab till you see the list of addresses. Then use the associated key strokes as you move up/down the list alt + A for To field, alt + C for CC field and Alt + B for BCC fields. Then tab to the subject and body and follow normal procedures.

On 4/3/2016 3:40 PM, Dan Beaver wrote:

I read the help page about this and it said to press enter after each address I entered in the to: field. However, when I try to send the email it comes back with an error and has all the email addresses as one long string instead of using it as individual addresses.

How do I address an email to multiple people using NVDA? I realize this may not be an NVDA issue but I am hoping there is some trick to doing this in NVDA.


Dan Beaver

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