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Hi Kelby,

Apologies if you receive this message more than once, Outlook crashed a couple of times when I was writing it and the message disappeared.

In order to move to a new mailbox (folder in Outlook), press control+y. At this point and when moving messages to a folder with shift+control+v, you'll be in a tree view so may need to expand various branches with right arrow in order to see your various sub-folders, depending on your folder structure.

There are a couple of other changes I recommend you make to NVDA and Outlook to make your Outlook experience more efficient, though these are a matter of personal preference.

I don't like the fact that NVDA reads field labels such as "from", "Subject" etc when I arrow up and down the message list, I simply want to hear the name of the person, the content of the subject line etc. To prevent NVDA doing this, you can turn off the reading of column and row headers in Outlook.

To do this, when in Outlook, press NVDA+control+P to load the Configuration Profiles dialog. You should press alt+n to create a new configuration, as you won't want to apply these changes across the board.

You'll land in an edit field for the configuration name, I'd leave the default as is.

Press tab and you'll land on a series of radio buttons which will dictate how the configuration is triggered. You want it to load each time you use Outlook, so choose the "current application" radio button.

Press enter and you'll be ready to edit your new configuration profile.

Press NVDA+control+d to load the Document Formatting dialog.

Press tab until you find the row/column header checkbox, and uncheck it.

Press enter to save your changes.

You may also want to stop Outlook grouping messages. If you don't, when you arrow down and enter a new Outlook group such as previous day, previous week etc, NVDA will announce it.

How you do this varies slightly in each version of Outlook. However, if you go to the View tab of the ribbon with alt+v, look for something like "arrange by". Press it, use the arrow keys to find "show in groups" and make sure that it is unchecked.

To apply this change across all folders, go back into the View tab, choose "change view", use the arrow keys to choose "Apply the current view to all mail folders" and press enter.



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Are there any good resources on using Outlook with NVDA? I'm just now attempting to get it set up; there are some things I'm finding easy but also things I have no idea how to do, like mailbox navigation.

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