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As it used to work in the previous flash, and has issues in their latest incarnation I strongly suspect Adobe has not tested it with all screenreaders.

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hi gene,

For me, the experience was different. Without greacemonkey, I cannot
access almost all flash objects. Additionally, this should be resolved
with nvda, as I should not have to use another browser or screen reader
to get access to these.

On 6/6/2017 6:46 AM, Gene wrote:
Grease Monkey doesn't give you access to many more Flash objects.
Those that you do get access to, you can get access to without using
Grease Monkey by using a JAWS demo and Internet Explorer or perhaps by
using NVDA and Internet Explorer. It's been two or more years since I
experimented with this. I found one Flash object that wouldn't work
with Grease Monkey installed that worked before when it wasn't
installed and I was using firefox.
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now with 32 bit, with the greacemonkey kill windowless flash script
installed, flash crashes every single time I press enter on an embeded
object. This is really driving me crazy.

On 6/6/2017 3:41 AM, enes sarıbaş wrote:

Why is nvda incompatible with flash in firefox 64 bit? This is
absolutely unacceptable. All embed objects in firefox 64 bit are

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