Re: enhancing microsoft word:


i tested both libreoffice and open office and read many online
materials and documentations about them.
it depend on your need that which one you select.
but i mentione for you sometechnical points that i know andare
prominent for me.
1/ libreoffice is fortunately more independent and less need for java.
but open office is more relies on java.
for example: libreoffice only needs java for macros, data base etc.
but open office needs java for macros, data base, saving to xml and
some vizard like letter, fax, agenda and web page.
libreoffice saves inboth microsoft office 2003 and new office formats
like: doc, ppt, docx, pptx etc.
but open office only saves in microsoft office 2003 formats.
2/ libreoffice supports word count and character count in all of the
format which support in its version before version 5.
but in version 5.0 and later, it only supports word and character
count only for its special format which is .odt.
open office does not have this option.
and word-character format is special feature of libreoffice.
3/ both programs support many formats for openning and range of
libreoffice formats is more wide.
for example: libreoffice even supports many formats of mac for openning.
4/ libreoffice in version 4.3 shows its messages very accessible by
tab key and you can easily press tab and with using home to go to
first character and pressing control shift end, you can select it,
copy it and peist in other place.
but unfortunately the messages are not accessible easily in other
programs and you should nvda screen review and other nvda cursors to
access it.
5/ libreoffice has somecloud online services and open office does not have.
for example: google drive, one drive, sharepoint, etc.
6/ libreoffice since version 4.4 has an option for openGL and open
office does not have.
its very strungly recommended to deactivate it, in libreoffice tools,
options, libreoffice, view.
7/ say all does not work in both libreoffice and open office and you
should read your documents paragraph by paragraph.
8/ somesaid that open office is more stable and libreoffice has more
features that open office has not.
9/ open office translated to limited languages and you can select and
install only your own language.
but libreoffice is translated to more than 110 languages and when you
install it, it recognizes your locale language in your windows.
it installs only english and your local language.
10/ libreoffice help file should be installed separately.
but open office help is installed by default.
11/ if you want more information, you have refer to this link for
example, and also email me.

thanks for your question and god bless you.

On 4/4/16, Kevin Chao <> wrote:
If these are well structured docs with headings, lists, tables, images,
etc. and you don't need to edit them, but instead navigate/read them. It
might be worth considering saving/exporting to HTML and interacting with it
using a web browser.

On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 12:32 PM Afrim <> wrote:

I have tried Libra office, I think I mentioned it in my first post.
It crashed along with NVDA. I may try open office though. I am going to
download it now.

On 4/3/2016 8:05 PM, Antony Stone wrote:

You might also want to compare with (and
maybe ask
people here who have used both) to see which is most accessible these

On Sunday 03 April 2016 at 19:54:07, Afrim wrote:

Open office? No. What is this?


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