Re: Enhancing NVDA's performance on microsoft word?


dont use libreoffice portable, because it crashes many times with nvda
and use installed version of libreoffice.
i only use libreoffice and its the best for me.
i did not try nvda with microsoft word and i dont have any information
about it to mention.
say all does not work in both libreoffice-openoffice until now.

On 4/3/16, Afrim <> wrote:
I hope it has been addressed. If it hasn't I may do it. Word is essential to
a lot of people.

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Has a ticket been raised on this point. it is certainly true that long
documents in word are slow to edit at times in all versions of word.
Whether this issue to the method that nvda uses to hook into word or some
other thing I do not know and as I do not use long files very often, I can
live with it. Perhaps this came in when the browse and focus mode ways
of accessing the screen were put in? Has anyone tried an nvda version
before this to see if its any faster. It just occurred to me that creating
a virtual version of the file is a bit like having two versions open at
the same time and as nvda is 32 bit and a lot of machines are now 64 bit a
bit of a bottleneck might be produced here.
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This problem has existed at least since last year. Unfortunatly no
concrete action was taken to fix or determine the cause of it.

On 4/3/2016 9:27 AM, Afrim wrote:
Hello everyone,
i am a frequent user of NVDA because my first screenreader is Jaws. I am
willing to switch to NVDA, but there are some barriers which prevent me
to come to NVDA family. My main problem starts with microsoft word. NvDA
is very slow when reading text, and when reading books which go up to
200 pages, it is unacceptable to use it. Long documents or books are
very common at university, so I can't avoid them by any means. I also
tried using libra office, but things grew even worse. I opened a 300
page book with that program and both NVDA and libra office crashed
desperately. I installed microsoft office 2013 and the performance
improved a bit, but still it is too slow compared to jaws. by the way,
I'm not making comperisons here, I just want to have NVDA working better
with word.
so, if there's anyone who could help me with this problem, I would be
very grateful and it would be highly appreciated.

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