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Lino Morales <linomorales001@...>

This is been going since NVDA 2015.4 All my toast notifications do this wether it comes from the News app or Cortana when I get notified if my Dodgers or Braves won or lost.

On 6/5/2017 10:43 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:
Hi all,
To expand upon my last point regarding specs and practices walking a
parallel road: UI Automation is intended to fill the gap in MSAA and present
an updated view of how controls work. Unfortunately, I and other NVDA
developers have encountered numerous issues where paper says one thing and
code says something else, and in worst cases, we've seen badly formed UIA
implementations to a point where we had to resort to MSAA (Microsoft Office
apps are prime example of this problem). At other times, the UI Automation
tree was in such a bad state that we had to write workaround hacks (not
ideal, but we resort to this in some cases), and the most recent case was
suppressing "web content" announcement in Edge (caused by yet another badly
pruned UIA tree in Microsoft Edge). Half of my Windows 10 App Essentials
add-on code is devoted to UIA workarounds in Windows 10 itself as well as in
various apps, and for one or two cases, fixing the UIA issue means
introducing bugs in NVDA (a prime example being the fact that modern
Calculator repeats whatever you've entered). I can go on all day and talk
about UIA adventures, but I'll stop here, as we have a serious issue to
tackle regarding toast announcements.

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How about those running 2016.4 (if anyone is running that one at the
moment)? If this is the same in that version, chances are that we're dealing
with yet another one of those odd and confusing UI Automation problem where
the specifications and the practices are walking a parallel road (i.e.
feedback on implementation issues is in order).

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Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:
For those affected by this: can you try with NVDA 2017.1 (and if
2016.4) to see if folks can duplicate with older releases?

I'm currently on NVDA 2017.1 so can confirm it happens here.

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