Re: Sluggish reading of emails in Outlook

Edward Green <ergreen1981@...>

Hi Brian,

I'm not sure I know enough about that particular problem but I think it's unlikely. The sluggishness occurs when connected to AC power too, but doesn't occur with other screen readers on either mains or battery.

I'm going to give the new build a whirl to see if this is one of the performance issues it fixes.



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Could this be the old problem of the windows system not detecting the processor max out when its throttled back for laptop battery life do you think. Not using Outlook It was just an idea.


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Subject: [nvda] Sluggish reading of emails in Outlook

Hi all,

I'm using NVDA 2017.2 on an HP Spectre 13 laptop running Windows 10
Creator's Edition.

I'm finding that NVDA performs sluggishly when reading the body of emails by
line in Outlook 2016. There's probably a 0.5-0.775 second delay between me
pressing the down arrow and hearing any text.

I'm using SAPI 5 Eloquence as my default speech synthesiser but am getting
similar results with ESpeak.

Is there anything I can do to improve NVDA's responsiveness?



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