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That's great! My account for it is completely and totally gone! so is the program! The program that caused me nothing but big fat problems! I hope to never see skype again!

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I have been a skype user for about 9 or 10 years. I don't use it as much as I once did, but I'd never get rid of my skype account. I've got my own skype number and also people can call me with regular telephones if they wanted. I use to use skype for all my phone calls until my computer got a virus last year and I got a very nice flip phone. I recently got a braille not touch and I got skype on that android device. It works pretty well. There is a lot of tabbing you do have to do, but I don't mind it. I have a bunch of favorites set up for the people I call the most and can easily get to the favorites part of my contact list using both the android version of skype and my desktop version. I'll keep my desktop version of skype as long as I can.

On 6/8/17, Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...> wrote:

There are plenty of us on the list who use Skype for communications to
our friends and family. I guess at times if you do not adapt you get
left behind or find a alternative to do the same job if it is accessible.

I know of plenty of people who just say it is to hard but when they
learn how to use it then they find it quite easy to use Skype.

if they made it totally not usable there would be plenty of people
jumping up and down in the blind community.

Gene nz

On 9/06/2017 9:19 AM, Arlene wrote:

I got rid of it and my skype account in case it does go. if it does I
wont have to worry about it!

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Well you are right, the current skype is junk.

I do have the nvda group on there mainly and I do chat to a few people.

If skype goes, then wellI suppose I will just not use skype at all.

That sucks to be honest.

On 8/06/2017 4:17 p.m., Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

I haven't used skype in years because I had problems with it.

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Well, Like I said, Skype is junk!

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Hmph not really, I like skype classic, no skype for me then.

On 6/06/2017 7:36 p.m., Chris wrote:

It looks like they are going to kill off the desktop version of skype
in july

That’s progress I guess ☹


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