Re: suggestion: giving google chrome a try Performance degradation in current Firefox


How much does Rumola charge to solve one captcha?  Is it less than a penny?  And people are complaining about the company because it doesn't provide customer service?  You get what you pay for. 
Someone has just started a much much more expensive captcha solving service for blind people.  We'll see how many people are willing to pay these much higher prices.

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Subject: Re: suggestion: giving google chrome a try [nvda] Performance degradation in current Firefox

Diddo! And for their lack of customer service, I also hope the Rumola
service starves to death. Completely with you on this one.
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degradation in current Firefox

No, Rumola never!
I tried it, and they "ate up" my free captchas without me even start the
programme... As soon as I tried to solve a captcha in the trial, I was
told that I had already used them all up.
Which made me understand that they are not serious, so I abandoned the
project immediately.
As fara sI'm concerned, they can starve to the end of eternity!

Il 02/04/2016 22:24, David Moore ha scritto:
> Hi,
> You have to use Ramola captscha add on. You pay 95 cents to solve 150
> captschas and so on. Have a great one.
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> Subject: Re: suggestion: giving google chrome a try [nvda] Performance
> degradation in current Firefox
> Hello,
> But what happens with Captcha solving in Chrome?
> Ciao,
> Ollie
> Il 02/04/2016 09:52, Nimer Jaber ha scritto:
>> Hello,
>> I am very happy to say that my issues at least have been addressed,
>> and that browsing with Chrome and NVDA is the best it has ever been.
>> On 02-Apr-16 02:40, Kevin Chao wrote:
>>> Please retry with latest build of Chrome Canary... Accessibility
>>> improvements went in!
>>> On Sun, Mar 27, 2016 at 4:08 PM Nimer Jaber <nimerjaber1@...>
>>> wrote:
>>>     Hello,
>>>     Please find my answers below. I am hoping that some of these
>>>     issues are just the way that my specific configuration is set up.
>>>     On 27-Mar-16 17:55, Chris Mullins wrote:
>>>>     Hi Nimer
>>>>     Just a few questions:
>>>>     Can I establish if you  are using Chrome or Canary?
>>>     Canary
>>>>     What is ChromeVox?
>>>     Chromevox is Google's screen reading option that a user can
>>>     enable while using Chrome or Chrome OS.
>>>>     What is the status of the ‘automatically run say all on page
>>>>     load’ in  the NVDA Browse mode dialog?
>>>     Unchecked.
>>>>     What is the status of the ‘automatic focus mode for focus
>>>>     changes’ in  the NVDA Browse mode dialog?
>>>     Checked
>>>>     What is the status of the ‘automatic focus mode for caret
>>>>     movement’ in  the NVDA Browse mode dialog?
>>>     Unchecked
>>>>     I have   Chrome and Canary and don’t get the same as you re
>>>>     pressing tab to see the content in either version of the browser
>>>>     The quick navigation keys operate when you are in browse mode
>>>>     and I’ve not had trouble with them in standard web pages with
>>>>     eiter browser but there is a problem with them in the settings
>>>>     page of Chrome but they seem to work OK in the Canary settings
>>>> page.
>>>>     The chrome menu reads perfectly in chrome but there are a couple
>>>>     of gaps in the Canary version after Zoom and Edit entries.
>>>>     Cheers
>>>>     Chris
>>>>     *From:*Nimer Jaber [mailto:nimerjaber1@...]
>>>>     *Sent:* 27 March 2016 22:37
>>>>     *To:* <>
>>>>     *Subject:* Re: suggestion: giving google chrome a try [nvda]
>>>>     Performance degradation in current Firefox
>>>>     Unfortunately, Chrome accessibility has a bit of a ways to go. I
>>>>     wish it didn't. I wish I could reliably use Chrome without the
>>>>     strangeness that persists, but I can't. With Canary, some menu
>>>>     items are not read out by NVDA, but are by Chromevox. Others are
>>>>     read out by NVDA and not by Chromevox. I don't want two screen
>>>>     reading packages running. When navigating the web and going to a
>>>>     new web page, I seem to have to push tab after a new page loads,
>>>>     otherwise NVDA doesn't seem to see the content on the page. When
>>>>     doing a search on the Google page and when navigating around
>>>>     Chrome in general, pressing H to navigate by heading only works
>>>>     sometimes, but sometimes locks up until I again press tab to
>>>>     force it to get back to the content. The sign-in process in
>>>>     Chrome does not work with NVDA. I needed to use Window-eyes to
>>>>     get it to read the content. JAWS was also unable to read it. And
>>>>     I will post another thread about this, but Hangouts doesn't work
>>>>     very well. the Hangouts app seems to be totally inaccessible to
>>>>     next branches of NVDA and Canary. And the keyboard shortcuts
>>>>     that Google outlines in their manual at
>>>> don't
>>>>     work when navigating to
>>>>     <>, and the article doesn't specify
>>>>     where exactly these shortcuts are supposed to work. Actually
>>>>     many hotkeys that Google outlines interfere with
>>>>     browser-specific hotkeys. So I would be happy to transition to
>>>>     using Chrome, as Firefox is becoming awful, but that would mean
>>>>     a huge loss of productivity for me. So if you have been able to
>>>>     get Chrome to work more reliably, I am interested in which
>>>>     version of Chrome and which version of NVDA, as well as any
>>>>     settings changes that you have made for your specific set-up. If
>>>>     this is localized to just me, I am willing to do some
>>>>     troubleshooting, but on three computers Chrome's behavior seems
>>>>     to be the same. About the only improvement I have seen to Chrome
>>>>     Canary is that NVDA reads out a few additional menu items that
>>>>     it wasn't reading before. I might try resetting Chrome back to
>>>>     default settings and removing all plugins to see if that has any
>>>>     effect, but this installation of Chrome is pretty new, so I'm
>>>>     not sure if that will help or not.
>>>>     Thanks.
>>>>     On 3/27/2016 4:05 PM, Scott VanDeWalle wrote:
>>>>         Hey.
>>>>         I've been using chrome now for a couple of weeks now i
>>>> believe.
>>>>         It is pretty good for the most part.
>>>>         hth
>>>>         Scott
>>>>         On 3/27/2016 9:20 AM, Peter Beasley wrote:
>>>>             My problem with Firefox is that I am no longer able to
>>>>             use the BBC iplayer. Every time I try to listen to
>>>>             something, I get a message telling me that the Adobe
>>>>             flash plugin has crashed. This particular plugin is up
>>>>             to date and I have been having this problem since early
>>>>             December. I know this is not anNVDA issue but would be
>>>>             greatful if anyone has any ideas on how I can sort this
>>>>             out. I have been using Firefox as my primary browser now
>>>>             for nearly 9 and a half years.
>>>>             *From:*mk360 <mailto:mk.seventhson@...>
>>>>             *Sent:*Sunday, March 27, 2016 1:31 PM
>>>>             *To:* <>
>>>>             *Subject:*Re: [nvda] Performance degradation in current
>>>>             Firefox
>>>>             I've in firefox 45.0.1 and all is working fine.
>>>>             El 27-03-2016 a las 8:46, Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William
>>>>             escribió:
>>>>                 I see no problem with NVDA. I recommend you go onto
>>>>                 google and search for about:config that can help
>>>>                 improve firefox performace and that pretty helps.
>>>>                 Kevin Chao 於27/3/201610:13 寫 道:
>>>>                     One of Chrome's strengths is performance...I
>>>>                     experience 0% lag with MVDA when interacting
>>>>                     with modern web apps.
>>>>                     On Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 5:11 PM Supanut
>>>>                     Leepaisomboon <supanut2000@...> wrote:
>>>>                         I noticed performance issues with Firefox as
>>>>                         well, but not just with NVDA, but Jaws as
>>>>                         well, especially on Facebook where the
>>>>                         browser lags. Firefox seemed to perform
>>>>                         poorly on my Surface 3, despite not having
>>>>                         any addons installed.

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