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Joseph Norton

Ah:  That’s great.


Both the Mark and Richard voices are fairly lively sounding and will make excellent alternatives.  Not as responsive as eSpeak, but, they do add more choices.




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From: Joseph Lee
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Subject: Re: Sapi 5 mobile add-onRE: [nvda] Using Outlook



There will come a day when you don’t have to visit that website nor install that add-on to use that synthesizer with NVDA.




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Subject: Sapi 5 mobile add-onRE: [nvda] Using Outlook


Hi list:


I found an add-on on the page called “Jeff’s NVDA Add-on Page” that allows NVDA to be used with the SAPI 5 mobile voices, of which there are 2 really perky ones, Mark in the US English category and Richard in the US Canada category.


Was this written by NV Access.  It says it was, but, it doesn't seem to be on the regular NVDA add-ons page, and, if it was written by NV Access, I would have thought it would be right there.


This would seem to be a useful add-on to be readily available, but, maybe it's too bugy or something.  Or, maybe I'm looking in the wrong place on the main NV Access add-ons pages.


Any thoughts?




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