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Thank you for advocating for me on this so I didn't have to again repeat myself. That is incredibly appreciated, and no. I do not mean that sarcastically either. Really, I do thank you.
Yeah, it's the  weirdest thing I've seen! And just to answer your question, Gene, I'm using the standard American English language with country region set to United States. I presume that is what you meant.
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Incredibly odd problem with the NVDA modifier key

Did you read the entire message?  It says that many machines of many different users were tried.  It says that both Windows 7 and Windows 10 were tried.  It says that JAWS was tried and the problem didn't exist.  It is clear that the problem didn't exist before installing 17.2.  The message says:
Ever since updating to NVDA 2017.2, my numpad insert key has completely stopped working as the NVDA modifier.
It might be relevant to verify which version of English the computers are set for and to try running 17.1 again but almost every condition you asked about has been tested for, including running without add ons. 
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Incredibly odd problem with the NVDA modifier key

Hi I cannot duplicate this problem in Windows 7 with UK English with either
laptop or desktop set up with or without  capslock set as nvda key.

 Something to do with maybe Windows 10 if this is in use on all machines
Oddity in then add on or other software running blocking that key
combination from working.
 Only way to prove its nvda is to go back to an old version and report back,
but from what you say that might not be ideal either.

I wonder what language is set on the machine, could it be mapping that key
before nvda gets to it?

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Subject: [nvda] Incredibly odd problem with the NVDA modifier key

OK, this makes no sense, and I'm highly surprised that no one has seen it,
given the fact I've reproduced it on about 6 different computers here, and
have also had about 5 of my other friends reproduce it as well.

Ever since updating to NVDA 2017.2, my numpad insert key has completely
stopped working as the NVDA modifier.

I looked in the keyboard preferences and both caps lock and numpad insert
are checked. I've unchecked and re, checked both checkboxes individually as
well as at the same time. I've restarted NVDA, I've rebooted, I've unloaded
all plugins and simply reinstalled from a fresh copy with not a single addon
running, and all default stock settings.

I've tried with both a portable copy, as well as a full installation.

I've converted a portable to a full install, as well as downloaded the setup
file and installed directly with no success.

I even used Revo to remove NVDA so that no traces of any app data were
behind. Then reinstalled. No good.

I've tried this on Windows 7 Home, Windows 7 Pro, Windows 7 Ultimate, all 3
of those, I've tried both with X86 as well as X64.

I've tried with Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, and even had a friend who's
a college student try with Windows 10 Education. All of those were tested as
well on both X86 and X64. This was reproduced on every single one of those
systems 100% consistently.

Before anyone asks the obvious, yes, num lock was disabled. I'm not that far

I looked through the diag logs and saw nothing that indicated what the
problem was.

I checked for an NVDA update and found nothing.

I installed the snapshot next branch and had the same problem.

I tested with JAWS to be sure it wasn't something screwy in general going on
with my insert key, but in JFW, it works flawlessly, plus the fact it's
happenning on more than one system...

I even was so desperet, I tried with XP Pro, and that even was reproducible.

What gives!


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