Re: Does anyone know if NVDA works with the BlueStacks Android emulator?

Andre Fisher

You can use the emulator, but you would need to use Google Talkback
inside it. NVDA won't read these screens, but you can install it
fairly well with NVDA.

On 6/9/17, Sharni-Lee Ward <sharni-lee.ward@...> wrote:
I'm asking because my mum and sister are playing this awesome app-based
game that I could only play on PC with this emulator installed. I know
Google things are pretty accessible but I'm not sure about this and I'd
love to know if anyone else has tried something like this. I'd ask if
the app I want this emulator for is accessible enough for me to play but
if the emulator isn't, the app won't be, so I'll start there.

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