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anthony borg

Hi gene


If you don’t mind when you have time, can you please send me a lis of the most used shortcuts in NVDA?


And also, can you please explain to me what tha jarte used for?


Thanks in advance


Anthony borg  


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how are you driving nvda on the computer and is your keyboard layout set to desktop or laptop? the default if i remember is desktop and can be changed under the keyboard settings in NVDA.


Are you arrowing down line by line with the down arrow key? or do you want it to read the current line? it is the nvda key + up arrow key to read the current line with a desktop.


I am also guessing in the document formatting section of nvda you have the following checked. for example line numbers checked. Uncheck it then tab down to the ok button then press the enter key. NVDA might have to be restarted for it to take affect. Then try it again.


Gene nz



On 8/06/2017 8:01 PM, anthony borg wrote:

Hello all


Can somebody explain to me, what I should do to read a current line because according to the guide, I should press NVDA plus control plus the fullstop,but it didn’t work.


The second question is, what should I do to stop the NVDA to read the number of each line in an email or document?


Thanks in advance




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Hi Devin,

Go to the NVDA menu with NVDA+N, go into Preferences, and choose Punctuation/Symbol pronunciation.


You can stop it saying “Carriage return” in there.






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I’m talking about using right arrow. Carriage return just sounds really wordy and I’m not sure new users would know what it means. No, I guess Blank wouldn’t be best, but new line would be great.


Devin Prater
Assistive Technology Instructor in training, JAWS certified.


From: Gene
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Carriage return


What are you describing?  If I down arrow through a document in any application, a blank line is announced as blank.  If I move character by character, a carriage return is announced as carriage return.  I suppose this could be shortened to return but I don't have any feelings about that one way or another.  But there should certainly be a distinction of this type when moving by character.  Saying blank is inaccurate when moving by character but it isn't blank.  It’s a formatting character.


Are you saying that in the Windows e-mail app, when moving by down arrowing blank lines aren't indicated with the word blank? 



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Subject: [nvda] Carriage return


Hi all. Coming from Linux and Mac, I was a little surprised to find that, at least in the Windows 10 mail app, NVDA shows a new line as carriage return. Is this necessary now? Shouldn’t this be changed to something more understandable, like new line, or even blank?


Devin Prater
Assistive Technology Instructor in training, JAWS certified.





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