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Ok but english is not my primary language so may be I’ll go wrong explaining some instructions.


Go to settings, windows key plus  i.

Tab until  time and language and enter.


When you are into time and language tab once and errow down until you hair some like “zone and language” or “region and language”, hit enter, and again tab until you hair add language, enter again.


A window will pop up when you will have to choose the language you want to add, at this point you can move using tab or errow keys.


If you had added successfully another language, now you can come back to “region and language” and this time tab until the list presentation.  This list will show up all languages you have added.


Now, move to the language you just added and hit space bar, a menu will be display, so tab until options and hit enter.


A new window will pop up and this time you will have to use navigation objects to activate the boton “download”.


You can download the entire package for this particular language or just the voices.


Wait until it gets fully downloaded and done!



El 10/6/2017 a las 06:39, anthony borg escribió:

Hi leo 

Can you please explain to me more fully how to download those voices packages? 

Thanks in advance 

Anthony borg 

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yes of course,

you are already using english us as your primary language.

In order to get the other english voices you need to add more languages, english uk, english canada and so on...

once you had added the packages you want you can go to options and then download only voice package for every language.


El 9/6/2017 a las 17:16, Josh Kennedy escribió:

I am using the latest NVDA next snapshot. I can use the oneCore voices 
as a development testing. I see david, zira, and mark mobile voices. 
are there more oneCore mobile voices maybe for british and other 
dialects and other languages? if so how do I get them?

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