windows 10 sound schemes

Marisane Moruthanyana

Evening folks


Let me first apologise if I sound deviating from the objective of this list.


I am going to talk about windows 10 and its sound schemes.


I just think that nvda is obvious, because it is my screen reader that I am using to access my computer and, thus hope that you will understand.


May I be helped here?


I am sure that you will agree with me that windows has more than one sounds/sound schemes


The windows 7 home edition on my PC displays about 14 sound schemes.


I can choose anyone of the sounds and save it to be the sound scheme I would like to hear whenever my PC is on.


I’ve just switched to win10 at work and am facing challenges regarding the sounds.


I first did not know where they are, but after trial and error, I found them.


However, I can only see one sound, i.e. windows default.


How to add others?


Your assistance, as always, is appreciated in advance.


With respect


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